Lash Lift & Tint


Today I tried for the VERY first time, a lash lift & tint. The process took only one hour, and was painless. The first step, the lashes are lightly glued to a silicone lid cover, called a rod. It’s truly not as scary as it sounds. Then, the perming solution is applied to the lashes and is to set for around 7 minutes. Following that, another solution is applied and finally the lashes are gently removed from the silicon “rod”. Easy peasy! The last step was the last tinting which took only a few minutes and was as simple as applying mascara.

The results are fantastic, and no longer will I wake up looking like a sad, pale blue eyed gal. The above photo is my final results without mascara!

UPDATE!  My girlfriend went today and got her lashes lifted, check out her results!


Cost: $90

Time: 1 hour

Lasting Power: Approximately 8 weeks

Location: Beauty by Laura (Hillcrest area of San Diego)


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