Shellac: The Tried & True OG Gel Polish

Ok, let’s be honest girlfriend, we all remember the days of acrylic, I know I rocked long airbrushed nails for years in high school, only to graduate to the shorter “classier” white tips of my 20’s. My life would change as I knew it in 2010, when I heard of this new polish that was guaranteed to last two weeks. Two weeks, no way, I must try this for myself. Well, seven years later I have not gone more than a day or two without shellac on these greedy nails.

There are many “shellac” polishes out there, but I swear and stand by one in particular brand, CND. In my opinion it is the best wearing and lasting of them all. Check it out for yourselves!


Cost: $40 (at my salon, but may be less expensive at others)

Time: 1 hour

Lasting Power: 2+ weeks

Favorite Location: Clean Slate Skin Hair Nails



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