Lash Extensions

I wanted to love them, I really did, but I could not handle the maintenance of lash extensions. Let me start out by saying that lash extension look AMAZING. I mean who doesn’t want long beautiful dark lashes.. I know I sure did, and man did I love them, but I hated the home upkeep more than the lash fills every two weeks.

The process is quite simple, however if you have twitchy eye syndrome like me, it might take a while for your eyes to relax and settle into a zen place. The process goes a little something like this: you lay down, lower lashes are taped down to your skin, and someone glues a billion lashes to your natural lashes. That is pretty much it..

Benefits: Lashes look great for what should be two to three weeks between fills.

Downsides: You must clean the lashes daily with a gentle soap, like Johnson’s no more tears. The lashes will need to be brushed a few times a day to keep them from crisscrossing. Mascara is no longer a friend to your lashes, in fact my lash gal recommends wearing nothing but clear mascara if anything at all. Oh, and you can only use oil free eye makeup remover on your lids and lashes, as oil breaks down the lash glue faster. My lashes would also shed in sections, and more on one eye than the other.. This made for an interesting look that I was not fond of. I maintained my lash extensions for about 6 months, having them filled every two weeks. When I decided I had enough, I let them gradually shed rather than going into the studio and having them removed. That was an overall annoying process as they shed very unevenly, but I waited it out and in about two weeks they had all shed. What was I left with? Almost no natural lashes.. The lashes that I still had were about a quarter of their original length. It was a sad scene girlfriend.

Would I get extensions again? Nope. 

Cost: Initial Set of classic lashes: $150+

Fill: (Every 2-3 weeks) $50+

Time: 2 hours (Initial set) 1 hour (fill)

Lasting Power: 2-3 weeks


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