Let’s Get Organized!

Let’s face it girlfriend, getting organized with our beauty buys can be difficult. I have a large vanity in my dressing room, but I like to keep the surfaces clean and tidy. So I set out to find two matching dressers to keep all my goods in place. I ended up deciding on the below dresser from ikea and purchased two. They are perfect for organizing your beauty goods but I needed some help dividing the drawers.. I was looking for just the right organizing tool when I came across several old iPhone boxes that for some unknown reason I had been holding on to.

Viola! Fantastic organizing boxes for my drawers of beauty goods.

I also love the acrylic makeup organizers, and will use just about any pot or circular object in my house to hold tubed makeup.

Do any of you girlfriends have tips to organize your beauty products and makeup?


XOXO, Shayna

Dressers can be found here: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50192822/

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