Let’s talk Botox

I’ll admit it, I have been getting Botox for years.. However I generally only go in about twice a year for injections. My issue is the horizontal lines in my forehead and for that, Botox is a quick fix. I have tried a few Botox docs in the San Diego area and I have seen the best results from one La Jolla doctor who is an MD. I have always felt more comfortable going to someone whom is an MD.

If you are like me and have very expressive eyebrows, beware before shooting up! I have had a few instances where after the Botox is injected my eyebrows fall considerably. Instead of a nice high arch, the brows can literally flatten out. I prefer my natural high arch, and have found that an experienced injector can generally keep the arch in tact, and may even be able to lift the brows a bit. This for me is the one downfall to Botox, you really don’t know what you are going to turn out with until after the fact, and truly for about 2 weeks following the procedure.

The pros are obvious, you can smooth out all fine lines of your face, even around your lips! The cons, if injected poorly, most commonly you can be left with droopy brows and eyelids. I have found once the “injector” is familiar with your face they can better treat you. They will often map out where they have injected you for the next visit to compare and evaluate.

The number or units I have received varies greatly by the doctors. I had been receiving 30-35 units from one doctor, and the next only injected 20-25. This is a difference of at least $100.


Cost: $10-11 unit (general pricing in San Diego)

Lasting Power: 3-6 months for most people. Mine tends to last around 5-6 months.

Fave Location: Brandish Clinic (La Jolla) | http://brandishclinic.com/home
Dr. Brandish is an MD, and a very experienced injector. I have seen her for Botox ($10/unit) and for Juvederm in my Lips.



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