Black Mask – What’s all the hype?


Welp, I have to say I think it’s all hype. I tried the Pil’aten mask, twice! Each time I saw very little blackhead/gunk removal. Given, I don’t have a serious problem with blackheads or clogged pores but after seeing all the videos I was totally, most certainly sure I would see a mass of gross pore removal going down. I properly washed my face with my clarasonic, then applied a hot towel to my face for a few minutes to open up the pores. I then applied the mask to my face, but only in the T zone.. I was also really careful not to apply it anywhere close to the hairline, or brows. I have a pretty fuzzy face, so i was terrified that peeling the mask would hurt like a mofo. It really didn’t hurt much, but also didn’t seem to do much either.

My final thought on the black mask.. I would try another brand. Perhaps the one I bought just doesn’t cut it, or I just have perfectly clean pores 😉

Have you tried a black mask that has worked really well?



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