Product Review: Foreo LUNA Mini

As a tried and true researcher of all things, I literally scour tons of internet pages and videos before I buy a product. I heard about the Foreo LUNA facial cleansing device and did my due diligence and low and behold loads of positive reviews surfaced. I purchased the LUNA Mini 2 version last month and have been using it ever since. First off let me tell you what it is because right off the bat it looked confusing to me. It’s a circular device that has tiny silicone bristles all over the front and back. The back ones are larger than the front and  provide deeper exfoliation if needed. I personally only use the front area. This teeny tiny machine has 8 intensity settings and delivers T-Sonic pulsations to gently cleanse skin.

When I first started using it, I wondered if it was really doing anything for my skin, but I have ended up loving how it feels and my pores have never felt cleaner or smoother. I love using it in the morning to wake up my skin and especially to go under my eyes, the sensation helps to open up the lymphatic system and push excess fluid away. Who doesn’t want to look more refreshed and alive in the morning? I know I do. I also hand it to my husband in the shower to use and he loves it. The best part of it and what turned me on to it the most is the hygienic nature of it. The silicon bristles do not harbor bacteria like the Clarisonic brush heads do, so each time you wash your face you are not simply massaging more bacteria on to your face. What this little baby doesn’t do as well is remove makeup, but it’s really not meant for that, I would stick to makeup removing oils and cleansers for that heavy duty task.
I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking to up their beauty and anti-aging regimen.

What I like about it:
Super gentle on skin
Won’t cause harsh breakouts like the Clarisonic does
Primes your skin, so your skin will absorb those pricey face creams even better
A one hour charge lasts for 5 months
No expensive brush heads needed
Comes in two sizes

What I dislike about it:

Where to buy: Sephora, Nordstrom, Luna Site
Cost: $199 for LUNA 2 (larger version), $139 for LUNA Mini, $39 for LUNA Play

xo, Melissa


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