Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – OBSESSED!

Girlfriends I have been reading that the Mario Badescu drying lotion works, but I had to test it out myself because honestly I didn’t believe the hype. No way could this miracle lotion erase pimples overnight, I mean I thought I had tried it all.

Sooooo I purchased the drying lotion from ULTA and gave it a whirl on a few pesky pimples that would not heal regardless of what I tried. I applied with a Q-tip a small amount of the lotion to each of my pimples, and literally, OVERNIGHT, they were nearly gone. I even had one super deep pimple on my cheek that has been hanging out for over a month, and that was 80% gone. This is my new product obsession and I recommend it 100%!!


Product Claims…

What it is: “Just one drop of this world-famous Drying Lotion on a surface pimple or whitehead will heal and dry a zit virtually overnight.” YEP!

Who it’s for: “Suitable for all skin types.AGREED

What it does: “Mario Badescu’s best-selling, concentrated formulation of calamine, salicylic acid and quick-acting acne-zapping ingredients should be part of everyone’s clear-skin arsenal.” YES, BUY IT NOW!

How to use: “At night after cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply a dab of lotion directly on the whitehead using a cotton swab. Do not rub in. Let it dry and rinse off in the morning. Do not shake the bottle, and apply only the pink sediment on the skin.


Cost: $17
Lasting Power: Unsure just yet, but seems the product will go a long way
Where to find: | |

XOXO – Shayna


2 thoughts on “Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – OBSESSED!

  1. NO way! So the kylie jenner hype was real!??!? – this might be one I actually need to add to my wish list then, I always thought it was just the celeb hype


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