Do you own a Clarisonic? You must try this brush head!

Girlfriends I have used a Clarisonic for years, and I have always really liked it to take the days makeup away. Recently I bought the cashmere cleanse brush head and now I literally want to marry this wonderful little machine. It makes ALL the difference, I PROMISE!

I have used the sensitive head (for some reason that makes me giggle) for the last several years and the difference is like night and day! The cashmere feels.. well, like cashmere 😉 The brush has longer, softer bristles that are much lovelier on your skin. If like me, you have sensitive, acne prone skin, I would recommend giving this a try. I. AM. SOLD.


Cost: $30
Where to find: |
Lasting Power: Recommended 3 months. Honest, I use mine for probably 4 to 5 😉

XOXO – Shayna

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