Over-Hyped YouTube Products

I have been watching makeup and beauty YouTube channels for years. I love watching them primp and prime and show off all the wonderful makeup that they just bought. Sometimes it is my escape from reality or what I like to watch when I’m on the treadmill. The problem with this little hobby is that the minute I turn off the app, I want every product that was just mentioned!

Some products get so overhyped all over YouTube, that I felt it was my duty to tell you which ones to stray away from because honestly I feel that a lot of these so-called YouTubers get paid  a lot of money to promote and get you to buy these products.  I’m not saying that everyone gets paid for every product, but a lot of them do get kickbacks or receive them for free, so it doesn’t cost them much to recommend something. Just think about how many people don’t want to ruin their relationships with high-profile companies. Despite what seems like me hating, there are lots of products that I totally love that were YouTube recommendations. I’ll do a separate post on that to follow.

Kylie Cosmetics
I haven’t met a single person who likes these products. The liquid lipsticks are so dry and gross and the formula is disgusting. This would probably be my most-hated product. If you have giant lips, a billion dollars, professional lighting, and makeup artists, then maybe these would work on you.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics
I’m literally sick of Jeffree Star at this point. Yeah, the lipsticks look good on him because he has humongous fake lips and the best lighting ever. His lipsticks are way too gooey and have a texture about them that I don’t enjoy. The highlighters feel cheap and chalky. Stay away from these bad boys.


Color Pop Cosmetics
Some may disagree with me, but I hated the shadows and liquid lipsticks. In fact, they feel almost identical to the Kylie ones.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Eyeshadows
I recently bought 4 of these colors after seeing rave reviews on YouTube. I love anything and everything with glitter. I tried all kinds of different application methods and they looked sloppy and chunky on the lid. If you even slightly touch your eye all the glitter falls off. Wah… I really wanted to love this. Insert sad emoji face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palettes
These palettes look stunning on camera and on Instagram. On me, they barely looked noticeable. Nicole Guerriero just released a new one, I almost got sucked in and I stopped myself (good job Melissa).

Sheet Masks
Yeah I gave in to these, I’m sure other people love them, I hate them. When I put them on, and I have tried lots of brands, they slip off my face or honestly feel like nothing happened when I took them off. I would rather spend money on a good mask or moisturizer, then this one trick pony.

Micellar Water
This cult favorite, just doesn’t add up for me. It wipes off the most basic and non-existent amount of makeup. I only use this when I wear light makeup and my husband uses it to remove grime from his face. It’s more of a refreshing toner, then a full on makeup remover as many people claim. Don’t believe the hype.

Any Lip Polish/Scrub
I find these ridiculous. You could do the same thing with a toothbrush. Many of these products are just too abrasive for the sensitive skin around your lips. I tried a Lush one that left the skin around my mouth irritated. Never again.

NYX Cosmetics
This brand gets so over-hyped. The only thing I like are the lipliners. You will see tons of YouTubers claim that NYX is a duper for this or that great product. It may look the same, but it sure is not the same formula. Do not be tricked. Everything else I have purchased has gone in the trash. These products are just like the amount of money they sell for… cheap.

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
I forked out the hefty sum for this foundation and it did nothing for me. I found it made my skin oily and the color was just too orange. I even returned it and tried to find a different color, I couldn’t find anything that worked, to the point the saleswoman suggested I try a different brand. So many YouTubers claim this to be the best, I really can’t believe it!



8 thoughts on “Over-Hyped YouTube Products

  1. Great post!!
    I’ve actually had such great experiences with ColourPop! I find the quality is great especially for the price 🙂 I find the Ultra Matte lips can be drying but the satin is so great!
    I’ve also just purchased the Garnier micellar water and I’ve been loving how effortlessly it removes my makeup

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    • Thanks! And yeah I totally had a feeling that some of my picks would be controversial. Not everything works for everyone but that’s the fun part of trying things out. I will have to try the Satin color pop ones, I haven’t tried those! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Totally I mean it could work, but I had such high expectations as you said, it better be god-like and make me flawless. I just felt it was eh on my skin. If you’re curious though, try a sample!


  2. I agree with everything. ESPECIALLY that Giorgio Armani Luminous S$%^ Foundation. It is TERRIBLE. I don’t know why that is even allowed to be labeled foundation.

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