Lush – Where have you been all my life?!

I’ve visited my local Lush store in the past and was always somewhat underwhelmed by the fancy soaps, bath bombs and excessive amount of people in the small store. However, I popped in on a Thursday evening with my 12 year old little sister and had the most wonderful experience. We were greeted by a lovely woman named Izzy. She helped us during our 20-30 minute stay in the store. As you know if you’ve visited a lush, the employees are super knowledgeable and perform demos on your hands of masks, scrubs, soaps, you name it. My gal Izzy slathered a mask per hand and ultimately sold me on half the store 🙄

I purchased the BB seaweed mask as it seemed to be best suited to my current skin needs. From Lush’s site: “Created especially to care for sensitive skin, this gently scrubby mask is super calming. Seven pounds of nutrient-rich seaweed go into each batch to nourish the skin, and we blend in finely ground almonds to exfoliate away dryness and leave skin smooth. We also use generous helpings of aloe vera gel and rose absolute to calm and soothe, and a gorgeous combination of honey and olive oil to moisturize.

The only con to this mask is that because it’s fresh it is only good for a few weeks.

This mask is quite thick but it feels wonderful while on the skin, and even better once removed. I would absolutely purchase this again, and am excited to try more Lush products in the near future.

What’s your fave Lush product? I’m itching to try more!

Cost: $8.95
Where to Find: In store at your local Lush stor
Lasting Power: Up to 3 weeks which should give you 6 total masks

XOXO – Shayna


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