Fave Hair Care for Blondes – Ditch the Brass!

Girlfriends, I am a blonde and growing up with a mother who is a hair dresser I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. I thought I’d share my favorite hair products for blondes, since that is what I have the most experience with.

My fave blonde shampoos and conditioner are..

Pureology – Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo & Conditioner
If you aren’t familiar with Pureology, it is a wonderful 100% vegan hair care line. The Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner was created for fragile, highlighted and highly lifted hair. I use this as my everyday shampoo and conditioner. I find it leaves my hair far more hydrated than any other I have tried in the last several years.

Not tested on animals
100% vegan




Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Blonde & Silver Shampoo
I believe this was one of the OG purple shampoos! Now let me warn you on this one.. It will brighten up a dull blonde like no other, BUT be sure to rinse the shampoo quickly and thoroughly. When my hair was a very light blonde, I would sometimes end up with hints of purple throughout my hair. I would also warn that you should limit the number of times a month you use this shampoo. Once a week should be plenty to brighten you up.


Pro: Cheap

Con: Can be drying


OGX – Lavender Platinum Shampoo
Another purple shampoo I recently stumbled across while standing in line at CVS is OGX Lavender Platinum Shampoo. It caught my eye and was on sale, so naturally I bought it. The shampoo enhances platinum white tones and remove brassiness with a blend of Lavender Oil and Chamomile extract. I have used this shampoo a few times and saw that my blond was noticeably brighter and less brassy.


Pro: Cheap


I would highly recommend the Pureology shampoo and conditioner for everyday, and incorporating a purple shampoo once a week to brighten up and reduce brassyness. Be bold, be blonde 🙂

XOXO – Shayna



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