SiliSponge – Can these replace the OG Beauty Blender?

Girlfriends I recently decided to ditch my Beauty Blender after I realized that my current acne situation could be related to the blender. Having seen the hype over the silicone beauty sponges, I decided to order them for myself and give them a try.

The main benefit of the SiliSponges are that they are much more hygienic than the beauty blender sponges. The BB sponges capture and hold onto bacteria and even mold, while the SiliSponge does not absorb product or bacteria and are super EASY to clean.


Now for my opinion on the application of foundation with the silicone sponge… I really wanted to love these, but alas, I do not. I dotted my liquid foundation on my face as usual, then went to town patting my foundation into my skin as I would with the BB. The foundation didn’t seem to settle so I tried rubbing the foundation in with the SiliSponge, that just made a mess!

The idea behind this product is awesome, but the execution just isn’t there for me. I went out and purchased a new BB and have vowed that I will be better about washing it everyday to avoid future breakouts šŸ™‚

What are your thoughts on the SiliSponge?

XOXO – Shayna



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