Mercedes Benz Rose Perfume!

Girlfriends I was sent this perfume complimentary to test and review by and I have to say that I truly love this scent. The scent is primarily floral and citrus, which are two of my faves! The packaging is very cute and since I am a fan of Mercedes I can say that I am once again impressed with the brand.

Top Notes:  Lemon, Black Currant
Middle Notes: Elemi Shades, Rosewood
Base Notes: Amber, Cedar, Rosewood, and White the website.. is a new online market for discounted fragrances. The website is easy to navigate and loaded with tons of good deals! I looked up some of my fave fragrances Angel and Flower Bomb and they are discounted by 20 plus dollars! The website carries most major brands and I will definitely be checking them out when purchasing my next perfume.

Special offer for my readers! Use code “10OFFBEST” to receive $10 off your order of $65 or more 🙂

Cost: $87
Where to Find:

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