Is Wunderbrow Truly the Best Brow Product on the Market?

I have to admit I am terrible at working with my eyebrows. I can’t pluck them to save my life, and when it comes to filling them in well, let’s just say the whole “eyebrows aren’t twins, they are sisters” saying really rings true for me! So naturally I decided to purchase a product that is clearly unsuited for me and my lack of brow skill; the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel. It claims to be a long lasting brow gel that has little room for error once applied to the brow and skin. This should be interesting. Given I had been home sick for a few days and feeling sorry for myself I thought, HEY a little online shopping always makes you happy, go for it, do it, order EVERYTHING that comes to mind. So my snotty sad self went to town and ordered all kinds of pointless items, but did manage to sneak in a few worthy things such as the Wunderbrow Gel in Blonde.


Wunderbrow Claims

Wunderbrow claims to be smudge, water and transfer proof. It also claims to last up to 3 days once applied.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Day 1 

I ordered the color blonde (Wunderbrow comes in 5 shades) and find the color to be a little darker than I would like as my natural brows are pretty light. I started by applying the gel with the included applicator, rather than using my angled brush. The gel is pretty thick and I think I applied too much the first go around so I brushed my brow out with a clean mascara brush and it looked much better. After the gel dried (5-10 minutes) my brows were looking pretty good, even for a brow-idiot like me.

Day 2

Bye bye brows… Wunderbrow has officially vanished.



I liked this product, but found that it does not last the 3 days as claimed. I would say it does last 1 full day without budging, which is pretty good! I would also like a lighter shade as an option.

Have you tried Wunderbrow? And if so what did you think of it?

Cost: $22
Where to Find: |

XOXO – Shayna


10 thoughts on “Is Wunderbrow Truly the Best Brow Product on the Market?

  1. I always see this popping up on Facebook/insta and it looks very intriguing. Although I’m not a fan of leaving makeup on over night even if it is just eyebrows.

    I love benefit products for brows they’re really easy to use which is perfect for beginners which I was!

    Lovely review! Xo


    • That could be, although I hadn’t used any oils for the last week or so after having a chemical peel. I am thinking it didn’t last as long for me because of how I wash my face. I wasn’t careful to avoid the brows whilst washing 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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