New Fave! Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

After purchasing and loving the Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask about a month ago I decided to pop back into my local Lush store. Since my skin is still quite angry, I asked the gal for a mask to help calm my skin and another to hydrate it. I left having purchased both the Cosmetic Warrior and Oatifix masks.

I decided to first test the Cosmetic Warrior mask as I am fighting some breakouts. My first thought is that this mask smells like shit, I mean not literally, but it certainly doesn’t smell good. One of the main ingredients is garlic which could attribute to the foul smell, but I generally love garlic. Anyhow moving on.. I smoothed a fairly thin layer all over my face and went on with my business. After about 5 minutes i noticed that my face began feeling a little tight, but not uncomfortably so. I waited 15 minutes and removed the mask with warm water. This mask is much easier to remove than the clay based ones. Once removed my skin felt tighter and super clean. The next morning my skin was noticeably less red, and my current a-hole pimples were definitely reduced.

From Lush’s site “The frustration of having troubled skin can drive you to use harsh cleansers to clear it up, but since problem skin is often sensitive, aggressive cleansers can make it worse. Don’t attack your skin; instead, gently lead it down the path to salvation with this fresh face mask! Moisturizing egg whites and honey smooth and tighten pores, and cleansing garlic and tea tree oil make for a fresh, clear, happy face.”

I have used the mask 3 times now and definitely recommend it to anyone with breakout prone skin.



Cost: $8.95
Where to Find: in-store at your local Lush | Click here for more info
Lasting Power: This mask is fresh so it only lasts a month (refrigerated). You can get approximately 6 masks out of the tub.


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