BeautyCon LA Festival – Here’s what I thought..

Hi All, it’s been too long! I’ve had a super busy summer and have been slacking on my blogging.. But I am back at it, and am going to do my best to post more often.

SOOOOOO have you all heard of Beautycon?! It’s a two -day beauty festival put on by the curators of the infamous Beautycon boxes.. I live in San Diego, CA and when I heard the upcoming festival was in LA I jumped at the opportunity to go. One day tickets are about $50 dollars while two day passes are $80. I opted to attend on Saturday as that worked best for myself and the girlfriend who was coming with me.

So here’s how the day went. Doors opened at noon, so my friend and I arrived to the Los Angeles Convention Center around 11:30am, parked and walked to the entrance. We had pre-purchased tickets but needed to pick up our wrist bands. The line to do so was LONG, like reallllll long. We lined up and proceeded to wait in the blazing sun and heat for well over an hour. All these gorgeous made up gals in line, were literally melting away.. Makeup running like …. It was honestly pretty damn miserable. By the time we got into the hall it was after 1pm and we were sweaty and equally grouchy.. the event ended at 5pm. Anyhow, enough complaining.. Inside was a mecca of awesome brands that I was looking forward to checking out. However each booth had a line, some longer than others but those that were giving out great samples had about an hour wait. We only had 4 hours to look around, so we passed on some great booths because of that. There were selfie stations literally EVERYWHERE, girls waited in line to take the perfect selfs at brand backdrops. I think not my friends..

On a positive, most brands that were selling product were doing so at a special sale price. Many offered 20-25% off regular retail prices.

Here’s what I purchased

I lOVE LOVE LOVE the Real Techniques Sponges, so I stocked up on this four pack. I believe after the sale price they were only $13 for four! I also picked up this tapered blush brush from RT, it was $14 and well worth it. I also grabbed another tube of GrandeLash as I was running low and the sale price was $45 as opposed to $60. Lastly I bought the Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel to give it a whirl. I have heard your feet peel like crazy and truly are like new after.


Here’s the free goods I picked up

I picked up a few good samples here, but was only really excited to try the Laneige Water Sleep Mask and the Lash Paradise Mascara from Loreal. I have since used the Laneige Mask and it is wonderful! I will definitely purchase this, and I hear the brand is coming to Sephora soon. The Loreal mascara on the other hand didn’t do it for me. I had heard it be compared to Too Faced, Better than Sex and I can honestly say there is no comparison.

So, would I go to Beautycon again? Well TBH i’m not too sure. I’m not one to stand in lines.. ask anyone that knows me, I just flat out hate waiting. Buttttt if you’re into taking infinite selfies, free samples and standing in lines then have at it 🙂

XO- Shayna



One thought on “BeautyCon LA Festival – Here’s what I thought..

  1. I’ve always wondered about going to conventions but the thought of all that queueing always puts me off! I guess the freebies are agood way of trying things you wouldn’t buy yourself, and I do love a freebie, but I think I’d get too annoyed with all the waiting. I got a foot peel mask recently to try and I’m excited to give it a go but I keep putting off using it, the idea still seems scary.


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