First GLOSSYBOX has Arrived! 

My first GLOSSYBOX has arrived! I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival and have to say I’m a little underwhelmed at first glance.. However I am just getting to the testing of products so we will see if anything sticks!

Included in my January GLOSSYBOX

Universal Beauty Cosmetics – Secret Flush
This is a dueling cream blush and lip stain. I used it on my cheeks and it created a nice subtle color, but didn’t last throughout the day. I also tried it as a lip stain, and while it had a nice moisturizing feel, again didn’t last long on my lips. I would not purchase this product.

oOLUTION – Eye Love
This eye serum claims to “reduces dark circles and bags by stimulating collagen synthesis, it reduces wrinkles that start forming first around the eyes. With its moisturizing and lifting actions it prevents the transformation of lines due to dehydration into more profound wrinkles.” I don’t have issues with dark circles so I’m going to pass this on to a girlfriend to test.

The Seaweed Bath Co. – Detox & Age Defying Restoring Marine Serum
I actually received two of these in my box. The serum claims to promote healthier, younger looking skin. The consistency and light fragrance are lovely, and it leaves the skin feeling nicely hydrated. I applied it before my moisturizer and sunscreen. I would definitely consider buying this product!

LA Theorie Des Volcans – Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub
This is an interesting scrub/cleanser. It left my skin feeling clean and smooth, but I think I will stick to my Bobbi Brown exfoliant (reviewed here).

Daily Concepts – Exfoliating Body Scrubber
I’m not one to use a loofa or scrubber in the shower, so this product really isn’t suited for me.

I’m really hoping the next few GLOSSYBOXes prove to be a bit more exciting.

Until then, xoxo Shayna


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