PLAY by Sephora June Bag!

This post is a little late as June is almost over, but there are a few noteable products that are worth sharing 🙂

The goods..

Kat VonD
Long wear lipstick
I love the color and texture of this lippie! It is somewhat longwearing, but certainly doesn’t wear all day. I had to reapply after about 3 hours, but overall it’s a great lippie.

the POREfessional
I have used this primer in the past and have always liked it. I find it does a great job blurring out pores and does provide a nice base for applying foundation.

This cream smells so good! Not sure how much it did for my curls but hey it smelled good.

Setting Mist
I’ve used this spray a few times and can’t tell if it actually helps set my foundation but I like the fact that it has spf and other protectants.

The not-so goods..

Madam CJ-Walker
Curl Whip Styling Cream
Either I used way too much of this or the texture just isn’t for me. It felt waxy once dry and weighed my hair down.

I don’t love this scent. I am pretty partial to my floral scents so this one isn’t for me.

Overall this was a great bag! Sephora Play continues to be one of my favorite subscriptions along with ipsy.

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